Sonic Boom Six album delay

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    Sonic Boom Six album delay

    Post by Summers on Fri May 08, 2009 6:01 pm

    The new SB6 album 'city of thieves' has been delayed due to unforseen circumstances regarding the company originally comissioned to print the cds.

    From the most recent boom mail out:

    "Unfortunately, with all this love coming our way, the karmic tectonic plates of Boom have shifted to create a right old bothersome situation. The CDs, ordered some time ago (in time for the original 20th April release date at least) simply never came. Scant correspondence from the (apparently professional and trustworthy) company which we were dealing with gave way to answering machine shrug-offs and ignored emails as the days became weeks. By the time we’d moved the release date back to accommodate their ‘mistakes’, something was smelling very fishy. We took the gamble of ordering an extra batch of CDs from a different company a week into waiting from the date the original company had promised we’d have them by. This gamble paid off. The original company simply took our money and gave us promises the CDs would materialise. They never did. We don’t know why, we don’t know how, we don’t know if the company is even in business right now (we even went and physically visited their empty offices). We are currently receiving legal advice about how to go about dealing with the situation, what with no only the obvious financial implications but also our loss of earnings and so on. This, as you may imagine, is enough to turn ginger into grey. I won’t bother keeping you up to date with that through emails if you don’t mind, just rest assured that this is not something we’ve been in any way lackadaisical about in our approach to dealing with it. Come and ask in person at a gig on tour if you want to know the gory details. But I probably won’t be able to say anything for legal reasons, like on the telly.

    Anyhoo, the upshot of this is that we’re going to have CDs from the new company very early next week, with the digipaks following shortly after. We have to thank the guys at Photofit and the Ministry of Sound for helping us out of this hole (and Lil for offering). I was going to provide the number and email of the original company for you to forward your complaints to but due to the fact we are unsure of where we stand legally at this point, we’re going to leave it. Just believe you me, it’s getting dealt with. If anyone has ordered a CD up to this point, they will receive a complimentary digital download link, for the Mp3 version of the album so they can hear it in the meantime."

    so it is out now-kind of, and has been getting some great reviews from the big musical publications too- NME have even described it as “inexorably, thrillingly now”

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