Submitting things to be news!

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    Submitting things to be news!

    Post by Summers on Fri May 22, 2009 4:33 pm

    Hey, so recently i've been moving a fair few topics to news. This is obviously a fine way to do it, but it'd be cool if people could submit newsworthy items to us, rather than posting it here? Just to keep the continuity of the forum alive, really!

    Basically as far as 'newsworthy' events go, i consider these to be things like new recordings/new releases rather than tour updates (as there's a specific forum for gigs/tours).

    Sorry to be all OCD. If you'd like to submit news, just drop your news item to either me or Peeky (probably both, that way you'll probably see it up sooner!) via a private message. Cheers Smile

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